Umbrella-Like Hats; Meaning, History, Applications, And Benefits

Umbrella-Like Hats; Meaning, History, Applications, And Benefits

An umbrella hat is an umbrella canopy attached to a hat and this product was invented to combine the benefits and functions of umbrellas and hats. Its unique design allows you to apply it as a hat and umbrella. Umbrella-like hats are mostly worn for protection against the sun or rain and this post gives an in-depth look at umbrella hats.

History of umbrella-like hats

Most people view these products as novel items. However, they have existed for a long time. According to research, the umbrella-like hat design was patented at the end of 1880. Robert W. Pattern claimed ownership of the first umbrella hat design, a Mexican inventor and umbrella repairman. However, there was more to his design than most people like to talk about. Robert’s initial design also included a mosquito net attached to the umbrella canopy. Robert’s fascination with umbrellas got him the nickname “the umbrella man.”

In the late 1890s, John Hager, an American cartoonist, created Robert’s cartoon with his umbrella hat. The cartoon got gained a lot of popularity for its comic nature. This also promoted the popularity of the umbrella hat. However, this did not do so much for the umbrella hat as a product that people could acquire.

In the mid 20th century, Lou Brock, an American Baseball Hall of Famer, endorsed and sold a version of the umbrella hat. This gave the product a lot of popularity, and people started viewing it as something they could wear to games on hot or rainy days. Brock’s association with the umbrella hat led to people associating it with sports.

Benefits of umbrella hats

  • One of the best things about umbrella hats is that you can wear them for protection from the rain and sun.
  • The hats are also beneficial because you can easily fold them up like an umbrella and store them in a backpack or travel bag. This makes them convenient for traveling. It also means that you can easily carry them around.
  • Most umbrella hats feature an umbrella canopy on a headband. The use of headbands in the design is ideal because it ensures that the hats fit anyone or any head size. This means that you do not have to worry about the size elements when purchasing an umbrella hat.

Applications of the umbrella-like hat

Anyone can wear and use an umbrella hat. The following are some primary applications of umbrella hats;

  • Riding- this product is mainly worn by riders. It allows them to protect themselves from the scorching sun or rain without using their hands.
  • Outdoor activities- the product is also worn for outdoor activities like gardening and fishing.
  • Sports- you can also wear an umbrella hat when playing or watching sports like basketball, baseball, and beach sports, among others.


Nowadays, people view the umbrella hat as a comical novelty item. They are perfect for children, adults, and students. You can easily get an umbrella hat from online stores or online shopping platforms like AliExpress. The products are cheap to acquire and easy to use. They do not come with any special instructions for application.